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Which certifications are the best to be gained by a Project Manager and a Business Analyst?

Project Management, as well as Business Analysis, are emerging out to be two of the most sought after career options in the professional field. However, due to the increased popularity, the crowd getting into these professions is also increasing simultaneously; therefore, inducing tough competition in the market. If you too are in the same situation and wish to boost your professional presence, you can get the Project Management Certification or BA certification, based on your professional background. The best institute that you can lookout to get a Project Management Certification is PMI and the best one to seek Business Analyst Certification is IIBA. The best certifications regulated under these two institutes and their eligibility criteria are as mentioned below:

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The best Certification to be gained by a Project Manager:

The best certification that is regulated under PMI institute is the PMP certification. It is also considered to be one of the most advanced certifications to be gained by a professional in the field. Below mentioned are detailed eligibility criteria for the same. The applicants need to fulfill either one of them in order to gain the certification.


· 5 years of work experience is mandatory for people having an educational qualification of up to high school diploma. They are also required to gain 7500 hours of work, managing projects along with completing 35 hours of mandatory PMP education in order to gain their PMP certification.

· 3 years of work experience is mandatory for those who have a secondary degree or any other higher qualification. The time devoted to managing various projects comes down to 4500 hours. However, appearing for the 35 hours of official study is still mandatory to become eligible for the certification exam.


The best Certification to be gained by a Business Analyst:

The best BA certification that ever existed is considered to be CCBA and can be really beneficial for the career graph of any Business Analyst. However, in order to even apply for the certification exam, the applicant must is the possession of at least 7 years of work experience in the field. In order to become eligible for its certification exam, one surely does needs to fit in all of the below mentioned criteria:


· The applicant requires having a minimum of 7 years of work experience in order to apply for the certification exam.

· The applicants must be in possession of the minimum educational qualification of a high school diploma.


· The applicants also must have availed a minimum of 21 hours of Professional Development over the time period of the past 4 years.

· The person shall also agree to all the terms and conditions of IIBA.

· The applicant also must follow the code of conduct that has been put forward for the BA certification.


The above mentioned two certifications are the best certification in their respective fields. They do not only allow you to create greater value in the market but also allow you to apply for the topmost opportunities that prevail in the field. Moreover, either one of them is accepted globally by most of the companies. Therefore, it gives the applicants a chance to work for the best of the organizations that exist in any corner of the world.

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