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Ways of filing work experience on your PMP Application

Every project manager has this question in their mind why they would appear for the PMP course exam. It is more worth it or can it increase their salary in a better manner. Yes, it is worthy and it can increase the salary at a high level that is beyond someone’s expectation.

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If you do not believe it then you can ask any of the PMP exam holders and know the truth. This course will make you a better person so that you get the best recognition in the business market. You will get to learn the best things and know the PMP Exam Prep process.

But the most important thing which everyone overlooks today is how to file work experience on your PMP application. You may think that it is not a big deal and it can be easily done without any difficulties. Yes, it is true that you can do it without any difficulties but try to know a few things.


If you know it then you would not have any questions and you would be able to simply file them. Here are some ways of filing work experience on your PMP application.

  • Project Details- It should contain the project title, commencement date of the project date, and when did the project end. The detail might not be similar to the designation which you are working for. You will find that there is another field referred to as the industry where you have worked. This is the first way of filing your PMP application and this thing are very important.
  • Company details- After your project details mention the name of the company where you have worked. It must have the company address and the exact location where you have done your duties. Do not make any falters in it as it is a relevant portion and major things depend on it.
  • Company Contacts- In this portion give the exact E-mail and the contact information of your company. An additional thing that you can also add in this portion is the rapport between you and the major contact person. The reason behind this is that you have to take the sign of that particular person if you get selected for auditing.
  • Exam details- If you have opted for any PMP exam then definitely mention it your PMP application. This will help you to make sure that things are smoother and easier. You will notice that the CAPM Course exam holders never forget this thing that is why they are considered important.
  • Experience Hours- If you miss the working hours then you can forget about the next steps. Make a note of it as it is essential to have at least 4500 working hours. This might not be behind a specific project but at least in all the domains.
  • Experience you have gained from any project- After the experience hours mention the experience you have gained from any particular project. Try to do it from the commencement of a project and the way it got a proper execution. Do not miss anything as it will tell how serious you were about the project work.

 So these are the best ways of filing work experience on your PMP Application. Try to follow them and you will not have any difficulties.

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