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Tips to Fill up the Application form of an IIBA Certification Rightly

Most of the candidates face lots of difficulties during the fill-up process of the application form of IIBA certification. Due to a lack of knowledge, many aspirants commit severe mistakes while enlisting data before submission. Without any professional consultant, this procedure is quite difficult for anybody who is applying for the first time.

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Consequently, a blunder may lead to the rejection of your application, which means you’ll lose the golden chance. Additionally, an applicant has to suffer from monetary loss as well as unnecessary delay. Undoubtedly, this unfortunate situation will demotivate anybody who was taking preparation for a long period. Well, from this article, an individual might take some beneficial tips to avoid this kind of unpleasant conditions.

Avoid Mention Following Activities

Do you know what type of work experience is perfect for the IIBA certification? Well, try to avoid specific jobs. Usually, people working in a teaching profession for a BA training program should not mention it. So, if a person is aiming to achieve a valuable certificate in this relevant domain, then go for a real-life project.


Further, there are so many candidates who showcase their experience as a full-time programmer. However, programming is not so essential to conduct analytical operations in the industry. Furthermore, to create test strategies, executing scripts, and these kinds of works are not necessary to obtain a business analyst recognition.

Even if you have a valid PM degree, it does not produce any impact in this case. So, any applicant cannot write about these kinds of experiences to eliminate the chances of rejection. However, if you want to shine in the project management sector, then join a reputable PMP course.


How to Mention Projects Details

When you have an authentic experience to perform as an analyst in a project-based organization, then fill-up those details. First, an aspirant needs to write about project name, date of joining, finishing of the program, and so on. Besides, every candidate must show appropriate evidence to prove their eligibility before participating in an assessment.


Aside from these above descriptions, you have to provide a brief description of the whole project work. Also, specify your responsibility as well as overall contribution to remove any obstacle in the future. Well, a person can encourage himself or herself to participate in a PMP course to make a promising career.

Furthermore, someone has to mention the location of the company, email address, contact number, and so on. Additionally, remember you need to perform a single entry while working in similar projects within a year. Besides, the overlapping of multiple projects is not allowed for this purpose.


How to Specify PD Hours

Professional development training is eventually important to become an eligible aspirant to appear in the examination. Besides, this particular session is mandatory to claim BA recognition after gaining the cut-off marks. So, whenever you want to apply for the IIBA certification, then provide all data about PD classes.


The details must include the category of the training program, title, start, and end date. Additionally, never forget to specify the instructor or moderator’s name before the final submission. Typically, a PD class involves practice tasks, assignments of various achievements, and many more.

Also, they deliver skills, knowledge, and terminologies as per the latest edition of the BABOK guidebook. Furthermore, a development session provides opportunities to learners for asking questions, clarify their doubts, and discuss with other members.

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