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Misconceptions about Project Management which we should not follow

If you check out the success results today then you will see that project management is on the top list. The reason behind this is that every day they are producing successful project managers with a great market value. You will notice that project management is given more value than any other field.

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Believe it or not, but many novice persons are opting for this field and coming out as the best expert. There have been no results of failure in this field for the past four years. So if you are choosing project management as your career then you are stress-free throughout your life.

But nowadays people can see that there are a few misconceptions about project management which have become people’s mindset. These are especially affecting those persons who are doing PMP Exam Prep and are losing faith from project management.


If it continues then no one can become a successful project manager which can lead to dangerous trouble. So it will be better for you to know the right fact rather than believing in misconceptions. Here are the misconceptions about project management which we should not follow.

1. A project manager has to depend on top-level managers for everything

This misconception is often heard that a project manager has to depend on top-level managers for every complicated problem. It is never true they can gather their own knowledge and information to come up with the right solution. If a project manager depends on their top-level manager even for a small problem then they only have their name.


2. Project managers need a business analyst certifications from IIBA

One of the worst misconceptions which tells that an IIBA Certification of business analyst is necessary for the project managers. For this thing, many freshers project management students want to opt for business analysis. This misconception is totally false as from a business analyst people become project managers. If you want to check the reality of it then know the transformation process of a business analyst to project manager.


3. Every project must be completed within time the quality does not matter

This misconception is responsible for many projects failure and has destroyed people’s careers. Every project must indeed be completed within time but it has to come out with the best quality. If your project does not have better quality then never expect success from it. No matter how quickly you have made it within time but without quality, it is a waste.


4. Processes are much more important than your teammates

If you only have a process without proper teammates then your project will suffer a huge loss. Processes are important but it is not given more priority than your teammates. No one can come out with a process if their teammates are not efficient. Erase this misconception and you will see that success is running behind you.


5. Technology is the best key to every problem

Technology is required but it cannot solve all the problems in a better way. It can only solve technical problems and can give you the right solution to it. But once you are having problems with the resource technology cannot solve it. Never believe this statement that technology is the best key to every problem.


Therefore if you take these misconceptions as your mindset then you will definitely suffer tomorrow.

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