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Job roles through which you can get the experience of project management

We all are aware of this fact that to apply for a PMP Certification exam someone requires project management experience. Though it is not necessary it will help you in a better way to crack the exam. For this thing, many people today like to take the 1-year experience with small job roles.

Believe it or not, but the experience counts and adds a better value during the audit which takes place before the exam. But do you know that there are certain job roles through which you can get the experience of project management? You might be surprised to hear it but it is true.


So it is better for you to know the job roles which can fetch you a better experience. If you know about them it will be easy for you and you would not feel like questioning anymore. Most people have done it and did not face any difficulty in cracking the exam.

 So, these are the job roles that you should prefer before going for the PMP Certification exam. Just go through them and you would get a fair knowledge.



  • Being a Personal associate to someone- You might think that a personal associate is something weird and unusual what’s new about it. Remember one thing nothing is small and every work has value. If you can be a personal associate to someone then you can easily upgrade your time managing abilities. Try to do it and see through the small projects in this role you can automatically gain experience.
  • Organizing an event- You will notice that the persons who organize events their work is a little bit similar to the project managers. They have better budgeting and a finishing line which gives them an idea of the event’s success. In other words, this job role is quite similar to the role of any project manager. The people who opt for Business Analyst Certification always take the best experience from this role.
  • Administrating an office- One of the best roles before going for a PMP Certification is to administer an office. Today those who are successful project managers most of them did this role once. If you can be a part of this thing you will get to know bigger projects and how are they executed. Mark this role as important and never forget to opt for it.
  • Associate of Marketing- If you have done your education in marketing then you never hesitate to opt for this role. The best projects cannot have a solution with marketing and its idea. Through this role you would not only get knowledge of marketing but also know the various stages of it.
  • Coordinating training- In the PMP Certification exam, they also check whether you can coordinate your team through training or not. Therefore, just be a training coordinator and you can train people for future projects. It also acts as an additional benefit for you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your team. If you take this role lightly then do not have any high expectations as you would not get success.

 So these are the job roles through which you can get the best experience of project management. Try these out and see the change that you have never imagined before.

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