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It’s time to enhance your skills of Business Analyst & Project Management!

Learning new skills each day is the biggest struggle for almost each one of us. We always feel that we don’t have time to learn new skills and that is acceptable after eating, sleeping, looking after the families, and much other work how someone could think of taking out time to learn? But in this developing era, where every day a new technology is introduced it has become important to balance our lives and go with the flow. In the end, we have to survive in this competitive market.

In the corporate sector, the fight of being better than the other is making an individual urge for more and more skills. To make your learning a bit easier there are different courses which are provided by different institutes so that you can enhance your skills in a better way. There are numerous credentials available but if we talk about the ones which are too much in demand these days then it has to be business analyst courses and project management certification.


All about Business Analyst Courses:

One of the most renowned designations in the corporate market, this particular job field offers an end number of opportunities to the aspirants. The main role of a Business Analyst is to find out the problems and then suggest suitable solutions for the same. IIBA (International Institute of Business Analyst) is counted as one of the best institutes which provide different levels of Business Analyst Courses for all the aspiring candidates.


The courses offered by the institute are:

1. ECBA: It stands for Entry Certificate in Business Analysis. It is for the fresher who has decided to start their career in this field.


2. CBAP: Also known as Certified Business Analysis Professionals, this is for the applicants who have been working as a BA for long and are looking for programs to update their existing knowledge.

3. CCBA: It stands for Certification of Capability in Business Analysis. If you have 2


4. Two-three years of work experience you can opt for this Business Analyst Course it will help you to learn more basic and deep fundamental tools as well as the knowledge that can be used in real-world practice.

All about Project Management Courses:

How could we forget about the counterpart of the business analyst? A project manager is responsible to look after all the details related to the project. Similar to business analyst institute if one wants to do any higher level of certification under this particular filed he/she should apply under PMI (Project Management Institute).


The programs offered by this Globally Recognized institute are:

1. CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management demonstrates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology for effective project management.


2. PMP Certification: It is the acronym of Project Management Professional. It validates your competence to perform the role of the project manager.

3. PfMP: Also known as Portfolio Management Professional recognizes the experience and skills of advanced portfolio managers. It mainly demonstrates that the applicant has a proven ability to coordinate and manage multiple portfolio projects.


4. PgMP: It is the acronym of Program Management Professional. As the PMP Certification is designed for leading project managers, similarly this credential is designed for those who have the talent of managing multiple and complex projects simultaneously.

To sum up we could say that whether it is business analyst programs like the CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional) or project management course such as PMP Certification, nothing is easily available to anyone but we all need to work hard to make our dream come true. So, you still can reach your dreams. It’s just you need to focus on the area in which you want to excel and then plan your time accordingly.

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