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If you are an aspiring candidate seeking to obtain the PMP Certification, you might have come across the prerequisites that the Project Management Institute (PMI) demands, in order to be eligible for the certification exam. So, is it possible to get the project management credential without any prior experience? The answer is NO.

What are the prerequisites for the PMP?

· Minimum of three years (36 months) of project management experience.

· 4,500 hours spent on direct and leading projects for bachelors or undergraduate.


· 7,500 hours spent on direct and leading projects for non-bachelors.

· 35 hours of PMP training.

In order to become a certified project manager, candidates are required to showcase their skills, knowledge, understanding and competency level of project management concepts and terminology. The regulatory body PMI, wants to be sure that the candidate is able decode the theoretical knowledge into real life practices. This makes organizations confident of the skills the candidate holds, and that they will deliver effective solutions for any given task or project. This makes one of the core reasons of why, employers tend to hire certified candidates over their non-certified counterparts.

Do you qualify through the above mentioned prerequisites?

Don’t let it discourage you. If you do not meet them prerequisites for PMP, there’s always a good alternative for you. The PMI offers an entry-level project management credential, globally known as CAPM. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is designed for candidates with less experience, and is looking to progress in the field, as a project manager. Once you have gained the additional experience, you will be ready for the PMP.


Doesn’t matter what credential you are preparing for, whether it’s a PMI or IIBA Certificationhaving a professional credential in your resume, is a good choice. A certified professional witnesses a better job prospect, with a higher salary. You can build strong network in the industry, and advance through you career to get the most out of it.

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