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4 things to know about Project Manager & Business Analyst!

Business Analyst and Project Manager serve as an especially vital role within companies. Not only are they tasked with analyzing processes and systems to make everything more efficient. But they also have to figure out how technology can smoothly integrate with the team’s workflow and there is successful completion of projects.

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Are they both in demand?

Before we dig into other things, it is worth knowing about there is a requirement and demand of the same or not. According to a certain survey it has been found that the demand is increasing rapidly and also preferences are given to individuals who have done the PMP course as Project Manager or ECBA as Business Analyst.


When a candidate applies for the job position his/her resume is being shortlisted based on the credentials he/she holds. In this manner, you could understand that getting certified in a different course could be an advantage for your career.

What are the most valuable skills of a professional Business Analyst?

If this field interests you as a career, it is worth noting the skills that pop up most often in job openings. They are:


· Communication skills

· Planning and writing skills.

· Business analysis and business process

· Identifying the problem and providing the solutions for the same.

· Data analysis, also budgeting which means cutting short the cost.

What are the top skills that every project manager should have?

If you are inclined towards this designation and have been working in the organization holding this particular role or have done a PMP course, then if you have these skills, you have base on which to build a successful career.


They are:

· Leadership quality

· Communication skills

· Management of task

· Critical Thinking

· Quality & risk Management

· Skill of negotiation

What is the average salary of both?

As it is typical of many jobs, the longer your tenure in the position is the more you will get paid. However, in addition to this the more certification you hold, the more high-salary you earn. Yes, with the developing information age, the employers and recruiters are giving preferences to applicants who have done the PMP course as being a PM (Project Manager) or other certification.


Do I need a degree to become a BA?

For those who are interested in flourishing their career as a BA, but don’t have the time (or expense) of obtaining advanced degrees, there is some good news. There are renowned institutes that offer different credentials that will help you stand out from other applicants when applying. The top two institutes are PMI (Project Management Institute & IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis).


For the fresher or candidates who have just graduated doing ECBA certification would fetch you some good opportunities as it helps in brushing up your basic fundamental knowledge and terminology about the same.

These were the basic 4 things which you should be aware of. While applying for such a job, it is crucial to keep in mind that every job is unique and that you should tailor your resume and all documents to meet the particular needs of the position.


Often, it is difficult to reveal the hard data about the companies you have previously worked for. Hence, in such a scenario having ECBA certification or being any other certified holder can talk about your hidden skills and accomplishments.

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